ReelNRG Launches Battle Reels Tournaments with Great Success

Today ReelNRG celebrates the launch of our very own “Battle Reels” leaderboard tournaments!  As ReelNRG continues to focus on player engagement, we have bolted into our backend the perfect tool for our operators to use, with no additional development or integration work required.

Our tournaments are designed to be highly configurable, so operators can set up any tournament they require, specifying the game/s, duration of the tournament and the brands they wish to run the promotion on.  We can also run network tournaments across a number of clients and offer richer rewards.

Our tournaments run on a clear and concise points system, which is easy for players to follow during play via our clear UI interface that sits within the game.

Our tournaments have been recently integrated with many of our clients, and have been tested and approved by many of our big-name operators.   In return, we have seen an incredible uplift in play from their players who are loving it!