ReelNRG: New content demand ‘higher than ever’

We have been under the pump when it comes to new integrations and promotional tools explained Calvin Kent, CEO of ReelNRG, who expressed that the demand for new content and fresh forms of entertainment has been ‘higher than ever’.

Calvin Kent, CEO of ReelNRG

Following various lockdowns around the globe, the industry has turned its attention towards the online gambling sector in a strategic attempt to counteract the loss of canceled or postponed sports betting as well as the temporary closure of land-based casinos.

CasinoBeats spoke to Kent about how ReelNRG has embraced the lockdown, its latest slot release, the social responsibility associated with releasing slots, and what the company has planned for the near future.

CasinoBeats: How have you approached the lockdown, and more recently semi-lockdown period in terms of producing new content?

Calvin Kent: Lockdown for our team has been a period of knuckling down and keeping the focus on the development of our products.

Our team come from all corners of the globe and it has been really awesome to see everyone not only adapt to the restrictions but embrace it and take the opportunity to spend more of their lockdown time throwing themselves into developing and learning on top of their current skills, which in turn is a benefit to the company and their own development at ReelNRG.

In terms of producing new content, I feel like as a team we have been able to see what we are all capable of. I think once things truly get back to being a bit more normal, the team will be due for a well-deserved break!


CasinoBeats: Have you been forced to fast track development plans to keep up with the competition?

CalvinKent: As far as our game roadmap goes, we are always working in advance to ensure we launch with at least one new title each month. But we have been under the pump when it comes to new integrations and promotional tools since the demand for new content and fresh forms of entertainment has been higher than ever.

I am proud of how our team has coped with the extra pressure and impressed that I have not heard the word ‘impossible’ once.  We have been able to fit in earlier integrations and launch with more operators than we had initially expected, purely because the team has been willing to jump into action and are usually active around the clock. 

CasinoBeatsWhy is there so much excitement around Mr. Mostacho? How is it unique to the slot games you have previously launched?

Calvin Kent : We dream up and develop all our games based on client demand – and Mr. Mostacho is also a product of this.

We have seen some great results from our games on the higher end of the volatility scale, and now we have decided to go all-in and create our highest volatility game yet. I am excited for Mr. Mostacho – it is one of the few games I have seen where the excitement is there right from the base game.

Yes, we have got a fun free spins round – but it is the wild multipliers present throughout the entire game where the real action is at.  Even during testing, I was feeling the buzz watching the multipliers hit – all the way up to 500x on every winning pay line, I have played this continually over the last three months.

If you hit a few wilds on different pay lines, to watch that multiplier kick in on each is a huge thrill… I cannot wait to see how this game takes off.  I am also quite proud of the design and development behind this slot – our team has worked and reworked it to perfection.

We have been through a few changes to get this game right, and I think our quirky Mexican amigo and his lost llama is set to become a fan favorite.


CasinoBeats : Are there any social responsibility risks associated with launching high volatility slots at a time when players might be chasing that big win more so than usual?

Calvin KentAbsolutely there are, and of course we have always taken responsible gambling very seriously. Mr. Mostacho may be our highest volatility game so far, but that does not mean we are dropping our guard.

We are making it noticeably clear to our clients and players that this is a different game for us, so they cannot expect similar results. For us, transparency is key to keeping things fun, entertaining, and fair for the players. 

CasinoBeats: Where are you going next with ReelNRG content? What types of games can you see being the most successful in the next year to 18 months?

Calvin Kent Everyone is always looking for that one game, one feature, or one tool that will take things off and lead the way to put them on the map. For ReelNRG, we know what works for us, but we want to go bigger.

We are in the experimental phase now – so you can expect to see us pulling quite a few new tricks out of our sleeves as the roadmap unfolds. I am lucky to have a very open-minded team of developers and mathematicians who are always up for trying something different.  

We’re in that stage where it’s like, ‘Will this work? There’s only one way to find out’.  It is safe to say over the next 18 months, you are going to be seeing a lot of awesome new features, tools, and games from ReelNRG.

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