Farm Charm

Earn stacks of prizes to be as happy as a pig in mud!

Reel Santa

Santa is coming to town - but this time things are getting sexy!

Alchemy Magic

Bubble up some wins and prepare to make magic happen.

Leprechaun's Reels

Follow our Lady Leprechaun to find the lucky pot of gold.

Ivan: Not the Fool

With prizes this big, Ivan isn’t so foolish anymore!

Caifu Laile

Discover the journey to fortune with ancient rewards.

Feria Loca

Grab your dancing shoes for a winning Spanish fiesta!

Reel Hunters

What mysterious prizes will you reap before the night is out?

Fu Qi Er

May ancient luck be on your side in this Oriental adventure!

The Reel Joker

Our mischievous joker is up to his winning tricks again!

Wild Karaoke

Win the crowd’s hearts as you sing and spin your heart out!

Hera's Gold

Spin the Wheel of Destiny to find a sky full of wins!


Explore the Empress’ palace for majestic prizes!

Riches of Moscow

Bundle up and get ready to claim your random of riches!

Dragon's Castle

Slay the evil dragon to reap in the powerful rewards.

Nefertiti's Gold

Explore the ancient queen’s tomb for colourful riches.

Unlikely Royals

What winning tricks do these royals have up their sleeves?

Snow Wild

Magic mirror on the wall, who’s the top winner of them all?

Yumi & Kaori

Prepare to head into battle with a winning sister act!

Victorious Vikings

Win epic prizes as you follow the vikings to victory!

Odin & Frigg

Brave Norse mythology to discover colossal prizes.

Goddess of Asia

Let the Goddess of Asia reveal all her winning secrets.

Fortunes of the Jungle

Swing through the trees with loads of winning action!

Ella's Riches

Hunt for charming prizes and see if the shoe fits!

Reel Angels

Combine their power to unlock heavenly prizes!

Shanghai Respin

Find your fortune in this mystical Shanghai garden.


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