Putting the NRG back into RNG!

On paper, ReelNRG is an online and mobile slot game developer. But what we’re really developing is pure entertainment. We create slot adventures full of thrilling stories and unique features to give players that buzz they’re craving.

Our Approach

As slots players ourselves, we’re all about the player. Our games are engaging, eye-catching and tailored to our markets - and we put a firm emphasis on quality over quantity to play in an increasingly competitive market. If ReelNRG slots seem different from the rest, that’s because they are. They’re fast, they’re smooth, and they’re packed with all the little details that matter. 

Storm RGS is our comprehensive back office that also allows us to offer our operators a superior experience. We have unique bonus features and other great player tools such as our leaderboard tournaments, we’ve made it easier than ever for operators to provide players with fresh entertainment and reengage their players.

Delivering profitable games with a difference to meet our clients’ demands and create a uniquely entertaining experience for our players.

What our clients are say:

"With beautifully detailed games, interesting themes and lots of bonuses, ReelNRG slots are competitive with plenty of big-name developers."

"One thing that ReelNRG is already known for is its top-tier visuals. Every game they have released features artwork that is both eye-catching and highly detailed. In many cases, the games look like they have been pulled straight from famous animation studio storyboards or high-end video game concept art. They follow this up with excellent sound effects, which are infused into the game to create seamless audio-visual experiences, which only adds to the overall gameplay and excitement."