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ReelNRG is proud to form a partnership with CQ9 gaming. A fully respectable asia based gaming company that brings a wealth of experience and a top quality platform with great operators to the business. CQ9 We welcome you!

The team at ReelNRG have completed the development of STORM, ReelNRG’s new RGS (remote gaming server) and it has already been well received in the market.  We have already secured integrations with Xcaliber, Every Matrix, Slotegrator, CQ9 to name a small few.    The games will be distributed through our platform, which comes with a very nice customisable back office with full reporting options and features.

Innovation to the mobile market

Fast-growing casino game developer ReelNRG enjoyed great commercial success through 2017 on the back of the company’s commitment to driving mobile differentiation.

Highlights of the provider’s portfolio, including Goddess of Asia and Ella’s Riches delivered innovation to the marketplace through optimized mobile display and celebration messaging, alongside expertly-modelled, story-driven gameplay.

Adept and seamless localization are at the core of ReelNRG’s proposition. The developer’s video slots are all fine-tuned for success in igaming’s varied markets, all with their own unique demands, and everything from language and visual presentation to volatility and bonus games are expertly calibrated to meet the requirements of each audience.
Signing with BetVictor in October 2017, the company saw its games go live in the Asian market for the first time.

Forthcoming in 2018 is the reveal of ReelNRG’s remote gaming server (RGS), enabling faster and comprehensive implementation of the company’s gaming technology with its growing array of operating partners. Reducing both the time spent and cost of integrations, and providing operators with the benefits of true scalability and flexibility, the introduction of ReelNRG’s RGS underlines the provider’s commitment to technologically adept solutions.

CEO Calvin Kent and CTO Amit Majumdar are actively engaged in discussions with operators, and will be on hand at ICE to discuss the provider’s uniquely mobile-driven solutions.

See them around the show floor at ICE 2018.

Gambling Insider. Keeping it Reel!

Calvin Kent, Founder of ReelNRG sits down with Gambling Insider to discuss the inspiration behind creating a casino games development company, and why a tailored offering is the key to success.

You have over 15 years’ experience in the gaming industry, can you begin by giving us a brief history of how you got into casino game development? And what inspired you to create ReelNRG?
I first became involved in the slot production side of the gaming industry with Wagerworks / IGT in San Francisco, and since then I have developed a real passion for developing casino games and ensuring players receive the most from their online casino experience. Myself and Amit Majumdar established ReelNRG with a vision of innovation for the online casino space. As fans of online casino play ourselves, we wanted to bring engaging landbased experiences to the online market, at a time when there was precious little innovation unique to the desktop and mobile channels. A lot of what makes the land-based experience tick was being translated ineffectively onto smaller screens, and we are committed to delivering transformative innovation with content tailored to the online and mobile sectors.

You say you have a keen focus on the Asian gaming sector, why are you so keen to focus on this target market? And what has been you experience so far in working within it? 
We are focusing on growing our reach in markets all over the world, and of course Asia is a big target for us, as it is for any fast-growing slot developer. Asia is home to a large number of video slot fans, and it is a great marker of our progress to introduce our slots to them through our recent partnership with BetVictor in October 2017.

Speaking of your deal with BetVictor, Goddess of Asia and Shanghai Respin are going live in Asia before being rolled out across the UK and Europe later in 2017. How do you think the markets will differ in terms of reaction and engagement?
There are definitely intricacies to the demands of slot players in different regulated markets, and entering those markets with a homogenous product that has succeeded elsewhere, without taking heed of those demands, is unlikely to lead to success. Localisation is extremely important, and this involves much more than simply changing the language. It is crucial to tailor the gameplay in order to make sure it is accessible to players in different markets. Asian players tend to favour games that have a higher volatility, while players in Europe prioritise things like vibrant bonus features, for example. Turbo play is also becoming increasingly popular in Asia, and it is in offering these tailored features that we can set our games apart.

The deal further supports your plans for expansion, are there any other markets you are looking to target in the not-so-distant future?
Expanding our footprint into new markets is a priority for ReelNRG, and we are of course very excited to have introduced our games to Asian players for the first time in partnership with BetVictor. Furthermore, we were awarded a remote software licence by the UK Gambling Commission in December 2017, which is a hugely significant milestone for us. The UK is one of the world’s oldest and most highly-developed online casino markets, and we are excited that players there will be able to experience our games. We are constantly assessing new opportunities to build on our
growing commercial footprint, and you can expect to see plenty of activity from us here through 2018.

What makes ReelNRG’s mobile game design entirely unique? And what have been some of the challenges in creating such a forward thinking product? 
Delivering a unique and innovative catalogue of slot games is a priority for ReelNRG, and we make sure that each of our games features an exciting new feature, engaging story and audio visual design twist. One thing we are focusing on to set our games apart is simplifying messaging around celebrations. Slot players, especially on the-go mobile users, do not want to have their gameplay experience slowed by overly long win animations. This is especially true when their gameplay is stopped for an extended period for a win twice their stake. We have had a lot of positive feedback from our players and operating partners alike with regard to this aspect of our approach to game design, and providing players with a slick and intuitive experience is a priority.

Where do you hope to see ReelNRG this time next year? 
We have big ambitions for 2018, both in terms of growing our flourishing portfolio of HTML5 games, and in putting them in front of a larger audience. We have built a dedicated and talented team over the last two years, and we are really starting to realise its potential, engaging in active discussions with operators and platform providers. Remaining true to our ethos of innovating the online and mobile experience, you can expect to see big things from ReelNRG over the coming 12 months. 

ReelNRG Reveals Goddess of Asia (

Casino game development company ReelNRG is inviting players to explore a world of oriental magic in Goddess of Asia, the latest game to join its thriving portfolio of slots.

London, 9 November 2017:  Casino game development company ReelNRG is inviting players to explore a world of oriental magic in Goddess of Asia, the latest game to join its thriving portfolio of slots.

ReelNRG reveals Goddess of Asia

The 3×5 reel game offers engaging gameplay and stunning visual design, lining the reels with gold bars, fiery dragons and lucky cats.

The Goddess of Asia wild appears to double the total pay-out, while three golden nugget scatter symbols initiate the free spins round, giving players the chance to tear open three lucky envelopes hiding free spins as they go in search of the biggest wins.

The paper fan symbol triggers two of the game’s most innovative features, appearing on the second reel to multiply the initial stake by up to five times, while it randomly places an expanding wild and launches a respin when it appears on the third reel.

Calvin Kent, CEO of ReelNRG said: “We are thrilled to announce the launch of Goddess of Asia, a game that captures all the magic and mystery of the ancient orient with tightly modelled gameplay and colourful design.

“We are committed to providing players with exciting and intuitive gameplay experiences, and I am sure slots fans old and new will love the game’s innovative bonus features.”

ReelNRG has built significant commercial momentum since its foundation in 2015, signing a deal to extend its portfolio to leading operator BetVictor in October 2017.

The Global Mobile Market: Tailoring for success:

The Global Mobile Market: Tailoring for success: (Gambling Insider week44)

3rd November 2017:
GI Friday Guest Column
Calvin Kent, CEO, ReelNRG

ess: (Gambling Insider week44)

The global mobile market: Tailoring for success
There can be no doubt that the influence that mobile devices wield over our lives is becoming ever more pronounced. So much of how we go about our day-to-day existence has been transformed by a wave of mobile technology that only really began to take on its current guise ten years ago with the release of the first iPhone in June 2007. Everything from keeping up with current affairs and shopping to navigating your way around a new city and perusing entertainment options has been delegated to devices like phones and tablets, which we carry on us at all times.

Needless to say, the potentially transformative nature of mobile technology on igaming was the topic on everyone’s lips along the halls of gaming industry conferences the world over from the year 2006, and mobile has risen to be the dominant channel for many operators, with several in western European jurisdictions noting that mobile users account for more than 70% of their total user engagement. The same is increasingly true globally, the adoption of mobile phones continuing apace throughout Latin America, Africa and Asia.

For slot developers like ReelNRG, these developments in both the widening of regulation and greater mobile adoption globally brings with it challenges and opportunities. The days of being able to put out a one-size-fits-all online product are well behind us, and it was a recognition of this that led to my founding ReelNRG with Amit Majumdar in 2015. The flat nature of content being released online based on land-based legacy software presented a problem, and it is increasingly clear that optimisation cannot be considered from a purely demographic or channel perspective. A sound appreciation of both is necessary in order to achieve success.

Delivering the perfect mobile experience
For players in all markets, ensuring that the game can be controlled in a slick and intuitive manner remains utterly crucial. With on-screen real estate at a minimum, making sure that navigational controls are obvious and intuitive while remaining unobtrusive represents a major challenge. Taking a desktop interface and expecting it to work with touchscreen controls on significantly smaller devices is unlikely to work.

However, this is a hurdle that providers must clear in order to ensure the mobile experience is as engaging as possible. Delivering a tailored interface that translates well in both portrait and landscape modes remains hugely important if players are to respond positively to your games.

Celebration messaging on mobile is also a factor that has not received enough attention as the channel has risen to dominance in recent years. Celebration messaging is something that needs to be looked at, with a view to ensuring that such messaging is proportional to the size of the win. Put simply, on-the-go mobile players don’t want to have their experience slowed by long celebrations for a win twice their stake. An easy step to improving mobile gameplay is to save the largest celebration messaging for the biggest wins and jackpots.

It is important to remember that mobile development is an ongoing process, as the technology developers can use grows in power. Developers such ReelNRG must always be aware of slowing the performance of our games by bogging them down with too many features and excessive graphical technology, especially in light of several studies which have underlined that loading times of more than a few seconds can lead to players turning those games off. As mobile technology grows, so will the complexity and experiences of the games that we are able to deliver.

The challenge of global optimisation
While optimising for mobile remains a challenge, it must not be allowed to completely dominate a slot developer’s technological and manpower resources. Providing games that are tailored to the needs of different players in different regional markets must retain a significant part of an operator’s focus.

By way of example, at ReelNRG was have placed emphasis on targeting Asia, having recently agreed a deal with leading operator BetVictor to provide Shanghai Respin and Goddess of Asia to their customers before expanding to Europe later this year. Volatility is key for the Asian player, favouring medium to high volatility games, whereas European players tend to favour games with an increased number of bonus features. Turbo play is also growing in popularity with players across Asia in a number of different territories. It is a great way of allowing players to search out the most exciting features and bonuses, and it has exhibited a great track record in driving player engagement.

In summary, the ever-increasing prominence of mobile technology is undeniable. Online casino players are increasingly at home playing in an on-the-go environment, a trend we are witnessing on a global scale. For developers, the importance meeting the demands of this growing marketplace with optimised mobile content tailored to the preferences of individual markets is now to big too ignore.

ReelNRG showcases at EIG Berlin in 2017

ReelNRG attended EIG in 2017. We were extremely excited to showcase our portfolio of games, which were well received by all who stopped by our stand.

In today’s interview the CEO of ReelNRG, Calvin Kent talks about the innovation in the gaming industry that he and his managing partner Amit Majumdar wanted to achieve when launching their brand. He also shares thoughts on the future of mobile gaming, and gives updates on the studio’s plans for 2018.

From the year ReelNRG was founded up till this point – how would you describe the progress the company has experienced?

I founded ReelNRG in 2015 with my partner and ReelNRG Chief Technical Officer Amit Majumdar. We launched the company with a shared vision of innovation for the landscape of online gaming, which we felt had become stale and too similar to what was being offered in the land-based sector.

We have put together a well-modelled and engaging selection of games over the last two years, and players are really responding to that. We will continue to grow our portfolio, listening to the feedback of our community and partners and optimizing our content to make sure that all of our clients are getting the best possible experience.

How did the year 2017 go for your company? What were the most successful partnership and cooperation deals for the studio? Please, talk to us more about the decision to partner with BetVictor.

We have had a great period over the last 12 months, releasing a number of new games that players seem to be really enjoying. We have a great team behind us who have put a lot of effort into making sure that users are getting the best possible experience from our releases, and we have developed solid slot mechanics that are given that extra flourish of excitement with some engaging and unique bonus features, topped off with vibrant and colourful design.

“The agreement will see our slots extend to the Asian market, before being rolled out in Europe and the UK on the BetVictor site towards the end of this year.”

We were very happy to sign the agreement with BetVictor, and we are excited to offer our content to a growing gambling community around the world with such a large and respected partner. The agreement will see our slots extend to the Asian market, before being rolled out in Europe and the UK on the BetVictor site towards the end of this year.

Correct us if we are wrong, but it looks like the two of your pioneer slots are Goddess of Asia and Shanghai Respin. In your opinion, what made these two so successful?

We place a great deal of emphasis on ensuring our audience gets the most out of their experience with all of our slots. We make sure that all ReelNRG content offers fresh and multi-layered experiences, as well as engaging audiovisual design to really draw the user into the game world. This is true of our entire portfolio, and has certainly helped to drive the popularity of Shanghai Respin and Goddess of Asia.

What are the team’s favorite releases from ReelNRG’s collection and why?

As you mentioned, we’re very proud of the success of Goddess of Asia and Shanghai Respin, but our portfolio goes well beyond those two titles. I especially enjoy Dragon’s Castle – it provides those who spin its reels with a truly story-driven experience, teaming them up with the White Wizard as they retake the castle from a fire-breathing dragon in order to unlock the biggest wins.

“You can expect our portfolio to keep growing over the coming months and years…”

Our CTO Amit Majumdar is particularly fond of Ella’s Riches, which is a three-by-five-reel slot with 30 paylines featuring pumpkin win multipliers and expanding wilds, as well as a Fairy Godmother whose magic nudges the reels for the biggest rewards.

All of our creations feature intuitive gameplay, with plenty of new twists on the traditional slot formula to keep everyone engaged. You can expect our portfolio to keep growing over the coming months and years, and I am looking forward to continuing to give the community something fresh and exciting in their online casino experience.

Slot machines evolve quickly. First it was just simple releases. Then, developers started integrating more and more complicated features. Then 3D happened. In your opinion, what are the trends in slot machine creation today?

One aspect that we are working hard on is optimising games for mobile display – delivering a tailored interface that can work well in both portrait and landscape modes is essential, and streamlining for mobile with an unobtrusive user interface is a priority for us.  

“…increasingly powerful technology will enable slot developers like ReelNRG to provide the audience with new and never-before-seen experiences.”

I think we will also see developments in celebration messaging. Currently, a lot of celebration messaging is disproportionate to the amount won, and on-the-go mobile users don’t want their experience to be bogged down by long animations for a win twice their stake. We recognize that it is best to save the largest celebration messaging for the biggest wins and jackpots.

Thirdly, as technology develops, so will mobile gambling. Packing your release with too many features can lead to long load times, which can be a major factor in turning players off, but increasingly powerful technology will enable slot developers like ReelNRG to provide the audience with new and never-before-seen experiences.

Our readers would love to get a sneak peek behind the scenes of ReelNRG. Tease us a little with the details about any upcoming release on the schedule, titles, features, or theme.

2018 is set to be a big year for us. We are a relatively young company, but we have a team that is packed with experience and have built up a lot of momentum over the last two years. Building on our rich and thriving collection of slot games will be a big focus, and while I can’t give away too many details, I will say that you should definitely watch this space.