Our Approach

We at ReelNRG has spent a considerable of time analysing what casino players want and find exciting. This has led us to our vision which is, to develop and create games which satisfy our players, yet are profitable for our clients. So ultimately everybody wins!

Our Story

Both founders of ReelNRG have over a combined 40 years of experience within the casino industry, on 'What makes a successful gaming title!' or 'why those successful titles can fail' It's this knowledge that ReelNRG transfers in today's market, which ensures the games ReelNRG produce are both exciting for the customers and profitable for our clients.


ReelNRG is a casino game development company, who are dedicated towards delivering high quality casino slots based in London, England.  We take pride in producing games which engage our players with stunning audio and visual gaming experiences. We have made great success since we started and will always remain committed to developing exciting new innovative gaming content.


Our  promise is to deliver profitable games that meet our ‘client’s’ expectations, as well as high entertainment value for our players.



Calvin Kent has produced successful slot titles for many major casino software development companies including: IGT/WagerWorks, Sporting index and  Calvin has a wealth of experience leading large creative and development teams, though also has extensive technical knowledge gained from his career as a developer.  This knowledge helps to optimize game development combining speed without sacrifice to quality.

Calvin learnt passion is something that is only achieved though enjoying what you do,  before his casino development career, Calvin learnt from the age of 9 to play the piano.  His passion during his younger years led to him learning both Classical and Gospel, he even sold a classical piece of music to Virgin records, who used that specific piece for a documentary on homeless people.

Calvin’s motto is “Anything can be achieved, just enjoy what you are doing and want to be someone great at doing it!”



Amit is an iGaming professional with extensive experience within the online casino industry for more than 18 years. He has developed and led large teams of developers and designers to develop some of the most successful casino titles today, including slots, blackjack, bingo, roulette and other casino games.

Amit has led technical teams to build more than 150 games for both desktop and mobile platforms and also has experience in integration of games into different platforms and operators. He has been the architect of games development in multiple casino companies including

Amit is an expert in the complete life cycle of casino game development, from game mechanics, mathematics of the game, creative process, client and server development, quality and certification for different jurisdiction, regulatory requirement handling through to live deployment.

Amit’s motto is “Follow your passion and work becomes fun and you start enjoying your work as equally as life”.

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